Nepal of the Gods and the shamans

Traveling is walking towards the horizon, meeting the other, knowing, discovering and returning richer than when the journey had begun. (Luis Sepúlveda)



Nepal of the Gods and the shamans

from 24 July to 6 August 2018

A journey into a fascinating country, rich in history, myths and spirituality, to make a direct experience of shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice that expands consciousness and transcends the limits of ordinary reality.

Accompanied by the sound of the drum and the songs of the shamans, we know a mysterious, magical and at the same time real Nepal, where the sense of the sacred is still very felt in everyday gestures and rituals. We meet shamans of different ethnic groups, participate in shamanic healing rituals and at a theoretical and practical seminar conducted by the anthropologist and shaman Bhola Banstola. We visit the historical-religious places of Kathmandu and the valley, the ancient monuments and streets full of charm, color and perfumes. We visit the most significant places of Nepal: Bhaktapur, the most original and authentic with a medieval atmosphere leaves an indelible memory, Patan, an open-air museum-city with a harmonious architecture, Pashupatinath, a sacred place of the cremations on the Bagmati river, the most important place of worship dedicated to Shiva, Pharping, where on the hill we offer prayer flags, Boudanath, with the great white stupa and the Tibetan community, the sacred hill of Swayambunath, from where, according to the legend, Nepali civilization began.



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