Fulpati Festival


Today is the 7th day of Dasain Festival which is called Fulpati (bringing in different types of flowers and scared plants inot the house).
Wherever it is possible the following plants are brought into the sacred altar of Goddess Durga on this day:

Banana plant represents Goddess Brahmani (ब्राम्हणी), who bestows peace.

Pomegranate represents Goddess Rakta Dantika (रक्त दंतिका ) who helps and blesses the worshipper.

Rice stalk is the abode of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth.

Goddess Durga grace the turmeric plant and put end to obstacles.

Goddess Chamunda resides in manabriksha, who puts end to the evil.

Ginger plant represents Goddess Kalika who blesses mankind.

In Wood Apple Tree resides Lord Shiva, and is the favorite fruit of Lords Vishnu and Shiva.

In the Ashok plant resides Goddess Sokarahita.

Jayanti represents Goddess Kartiki.