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Have a great weekend!

"Healing happens either from within or without or we need to combine all available resources"!

My Saturday started with visits to sacred places and their guardians on whom I had invoked during my pilgrimage.

Have a great weekend!



>>> su Have a great weekend!

Healing sessions

Dhami/shamans are paid either in cash or in kind after the healing sessions. As all shamans are agriculturists, annual support during planting and harvesting season is customary. >>> su Healing sessions

Coming to the big ceremony



My day started at 2:00 AM with a wake up call and 8 KMs walk to the temple.

At 4:30AM about 3000 people welcomed four groups of shamans coming at the same time from four directions of four different villages where the sacred objects and dresses of their helping deities are stored. >>> su Coming to the big ceremony


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