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Vedic Fire Ritual

Early morning Vedic Fire Ritual to honor the Ancestors and Devas. To quest my thirst of visual collections and observe everyday life of Batuks (young Brahmana neophytes of Vedic studies)

I visited an ashram at 4:30 AM and found the priest-teacher performing this ritual. >>> su Vedic Fire Ritual

Full Moon Greetings!

Mangsire/Dhanya Purnima/ Full Moon


Day to honor the Ancestors/Kul, Earth Mother/Bhumi Devi, The Goddess of Plenty and Harvest/Annapurna: In the highly diverse backdrop of Nepali culture, people maintain their ritual calendar in the most astonishing way. >>> su Full Moon Greetings!

Dance and drumming


My spiritual sister Hira Mata invited me to visit her ancestral home and community to document their shamanistic lineage.

Six hours ceremony to awaken the sacred objects, creating healing space and property cleansing accompanied by mythic Lorne's, dance and drumming. I >>> su Dance and drumming


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