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Nepal-Himalayan and World Shamanic Summit (october 01-04, 2020)

It is with great pleasure, and high esteem, that we invite you to join us at the International Shamanic Conference, being held in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, during the fall of 2020



The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

– Marcel Prou

the fall of 2020.


Nepal shaman association

Shamanism for peace, brotherhood and sisterhood.

Bhola Nath Banstola was initiated into traditional Nepalese shamanism (Jhankri) at a very young age by his grandfather. He carries the family shamanic lineage of his ancestors for many generations. Educated in India, he is fluent in English, and is a graduate in cultural anthropology and is a Doctor of Naturopathy. Bhola’s life is dedicated to the research, teaching and preservation of the Himalayan shamanic tradition including herbal and ethno-medicines which have been used through ages. He travels world wide as a teacher and healer and for six months each year leads treks and cultural groups to Nepal.



His speciality is teaching shamanic wisdom of his ancestors from two days to several weeks in Asia, Europe and America. He organizes specialized groups to Nepal-Himalayas to teach shamanic healing practices and works as a bridge to connect between the traditional and modern world views. He has been able to introduce his fellow-shaman-jhankris to the outside world.

He is married to Mariarosa Genitrini who has been travelling to Asia for more than thirty years to study the culture, tradition and ‘ways of the ancients through shamanic path’. She is specialized in Himalayan art, architecture, sacred sites, manuments, temples and archeology. She is a teacher, writes articles for journals, scholar and accompagner of fantastic trips to Asia. They work hand in hand.

Bhola received Eagle Feather Award from SSP for teaching and sharing shamanism world wide; for his active social supportive work in Nepal and for the preservation and propagation of shamanic traditions in Nepal Himalayas.


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