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Experiential Learning 2019

Nepalese Jhankri, Bhola Banstola, who is a hereditary shamanic healer, and an experienced guide and shamanic teacher is offering an opportunity to study his culture’s rich shamanic traditions.

These dates may change, probably adding more. Find the schedule of our next courses and events.

January 26-27: Cadro, Switzerland

Contact: Elke Minoli – Info@studioanim.ch

February 06-07-08-09-10: Cozumel, Mexico

Contact: Robinette Kennedy – robinettekennedy@windstream.net


February 23-24: Frieburg, Germany

Contact: Michael Weiss – weiss_michael@gmx.net

April 25-28: 12th World Shaman Gathering, Genac, France

May 02-03-04-05: Iceland

Contact: Olafia – olafia@munaytravel.com or info@munaytravel.com

Contact: Kristina –  kristina@munaytravel.com

May 8-9-10-11-12: Cologne, Germany

Contact: Astrid Johnen – info@astridjohnen.de

June 01-02: Paris, France

Contact: Nanouk Marie – na-nouk@outlook.fr

Marilyn – herbaluna@gmx.fr


June 15-16: Dusseldurf, Germany 

Contact: Claudia – claudia_wenker@yahoo.de

June 27-28-29-30: Edenburg, Scotland

Contact – Maggie: maggiecarmichael@live.co.uk and bluebirddreamweaver@prontonmail.com 


July 04-07: Anglet, France

Contact: Gorka – papashaman@yahoo.fr

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