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Images from the Himalayas

Temple healing

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Shaman-Priest, Ganesh Gurujyu, is also a healer and an astrologer. In Nepal healing is done in different ways, circumstances and reasons.

Ganeshjyu’s healing termed as ‘temple healing’ is done within the premises of a Ganesh Temple.

This category or type of healing is called Jhar-Phuk (sweep and empower) in Nepali.

Set Devi Meta

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“I honor my teachers,
my mentors and my ancestors.
I do not know anything,
I am only chosen by you.
May the Himalayan dwellers,
foot hills residers and low plain players be on my side.
May the hunting spirits and the land keepers protect me………”

Set Devi Mata (White Mother Goddess)

Lord Vishnu as Narayana (Dreamy Deity)

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Lord Vishnu reclyning on the couch of Naga in a cosmic and facing the sky is one of the most important representations of Lord Vishnu.

Early morning prayers to awake the deity and prepare for the day is one of the most powerful experiences.

Pau Wangchuck

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The literal translation of Nepalese greeting “Namaste” means “I salute the Spirit in you. “
Perhaps it could not be more appropriate in relation to this respected person, Pau Wangchuck.
He is a well-known Tibetan shaman healer (Pau in Tibetan).
We were pleased to have received this rare opportunity for a powerful healing session in his small house in Pokhara.
In order to acquire the ability to heal, the shaman must induce a trance state, which he did as he prepared in front of our eyes.
Well, at the end of his spirit incorporation procedures, the shaman took me by the hand and felt my pulse and said: “You are healthy”. Than he asked, “Do you have any complaints?”
I said, just in case that was once I had problems with stones in the gall bladder.
Pau Wangchuck assured me that he would try to do everything possible to heal me.
First, he demonstrated, his primary tool in the form of an animal horn and showed me that it contains nothing. 
He showed his hands and widely opened his mouth to assure that nothing was hidden in his mouth.
Than he called his spirits and did the extraction work. A small stone came out as you see in the video.
That must be my gall bladder stone!!!
So here’s what the shaman extracted out of me?
Now I’ll show you.
To make it easier to see, I put the stone on a piece of paper. Here it is.
Of course, after arriving in Moscow, I carried the extracted stone to the stone analysis laboratory.
It turned out that this stone as phosphate of the oxalate, that are usually formed in the kidney.
On examining my kidney nothing was found wrong.
But the laboratory doctors could not tell whether this stone belongs to a person or some animal.
Whatever it was, I keep this stone with me.

With great respect and honor to Pau Wangchuck, I am sharing this short video on his healing practices filmed by someone I do not know. Please journey ….Wangchuck left this physical many years ago, but this healing power keep on working. My wife met him about 30 years ago in Tashipalkhel Tibetan Refgee Camp, Pokhara and continued visit him and other two Paus/Shamans.

We accompanied hundreds of people to receive healing with him and others for at least 17 years. We witnessed incerdible healing sessions. May we all be blessed and may Wangchuck’s healing deties continue supporting us all.


Maghe Sangrati/Full Moon/Wolf Moon/ Snow Moon or Hungry Moon

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Our ancestors have said that the full moon is the most auspicious time to pray for the betterment of oneself, family, community, nation and the ancestral lineage. It is as per the Divine design that natural phenomena follow their course and when human beings align their activities with this Divine pattern, they reap greater benefits. Thus the full moon is a high point in nature’s process – marking a completion of the lunar cycle of waxing and setting the stage for the next cycle of waning. For human beings also it thus becomes an opportune time to either start new initiatives or to bring to culmination ongoing projects or to let go of some initiatives which may not have any meanings.

As the moon casts an ethereal glow on earth on this night, it reflects to its fullest measure the sun’s radiance, which is the nurturing force for life on earth. On the full moon, this nourishing illumination is available to earth in an enhanced way through the 24 hours cycle. Our ancestors said that life originates from the coming together of the luminous lunar light molecules and the vaporous dust on the earth blending with the powerful cosmic rays from the sun. Traditionally, farmers used to sow certain crops during the full moon as the sap rises in plants faster during the full moon days. Scientifically also, it is known that the moon’s increased gravitational pull on the full moon causes high tides and a rise in water levels on earth. This increased energy is felt by the human mind also, though at the subconscious level.

Thus praying throughout the 24 hours of this day is helpful in changing one’s propensity for action which we call ‘karmagathi’. Those with intuitive or mystical experiences know that this is the time when light forces in the astral planes are active while the heavy and dense ones are subdued or flushed out. Thus, this is an ideal time to pray for the strengthening of healthy energies.

Astrologically, moon (chandrama) is the plane of ancestral souls and the full moon is an apt time to pray for their deliverance. In fact, it is the full moon and not the new moon which is the right time to pray for ancestral manes. As it is suffused with bright and light energy, the full moon is an auspicious time to pray and try for bringing new births on earth (procreation who are still on time). We can see that several great spiritual preceptors have taken birth, crossed certain spiritual stages or left their physical body on the full moon.

Since time immemorial the practice of ‘pancha shuddhi’ (cleanliness of mind, body, outer body covering clothes, surroundings and words) to enhance one’s capacity to fulfil the ‘pancha dharma’ ( daanadharma/the practice of giving awaygive, devadharma/divine honoring, pithrudharma/honoring the ancestors, grihadharma/taking care of family and athmadharma/to honor soul’s call).

Offerings of prayers, meditation, candle lights, flowers, water or any kind of offerings are generally made. Sacred songs, music, dances and fire ceremonie are also performed.
My tribe is holding a Full Moon Fire Ceremony here in Freiburg, DE
Have a soothing, transforming and healing full Moon!

Bhola Banstola
Mariarosa Genitrini
Nepal Shaman
Shamanism for Peace and Brotherhood

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