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It is with great pleasure, and high esteem, that we invite you to join us at the International Shamanic Conference, being held in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, during the fall of 2020.

The ‘Nepal Folklore Council’ and the ‘Nepal Shaman Association,’ along with its members – including the noted Jhankri-Shaman Bhola Bastola, as well as his International associates – plan to meet for this sacred and historical event during October 1st – 4th 2020, and would be honoured if you would join us at this time, in celebration.
As the world continues to change, and as our societies continue to deviate away from humanities root, there is a growing need for healing, worldwide. This is healing which will only be achieved with the help of – and the bridging of – ancient traditions into our modern times.
To help restore harmony, it is crucial that we, the leaders of our traditions, come together, to share and transmit our ancestral wisdom as, it is in our unity, that we can most strongly work together to preserve and spread our teachings, knowledge, and culture.
As shamanism is humankind’s common heritage, our main aim is to preserve, share and exchange Nepal’s rich shamanic tradition to the world, and at the same time have the opportunity to learn from other cultures, thus creating a broader and stronger community.
It is with this goal in mind that we ask for your presence and participation to share and transmit your ancestral wisdom, through sacred ceremonies, song, dance, talks, and writings, alongside fellow tradition keepers and modern practitioners from around the world.
The major Nepalese participants will come from all seven provinces of Nepal, and they are all well noted and respected healers and practitioners, who have a strong following within their home districts.
The year 2020 has been declared ‘Visit Nepal’ Year by our government, so we expect a large number of international visitors to be part of the audience throughout the event.
The program is wide-ranging and is scheduled to include fire-walking, shamanic dances, ethnic music and dances, sacred ceremonies, rituals and talks, etc.
In addition to your participation in the event, we request that international participants submit a written article about their tradition and practices. These are to be compiled together, to form a book on Shamanic cultures. As part of the event, we plan to publish a pictorial book on Shamans of different communities, as well as a collection of Nepali and foreign papers and booklets, to help broaden the awareness of our global communities.
Nepal has a culture of diversities – ethnic, religious, natural, and others – and so, in addition to participation in the conference, visiting guests will have ample opportunity for sightseeing, consultation with local academicians, and other activities in, and around Nepal.
While in the country, we would like to encourage you to take part in visiting medieval palaces, squares, rich architectural temples and monasteries, short treks in and around the Valley of Kathmandu, drive or fly to the beautiful Pokhara or perhaps plan some white water rafting in the Himalayan rivers of Trishuli and Bhote Koshi. It will also be possible to visit the national park of Chitwan or Bardia, visit the Birth Place of Buddha in Lumbini, or even plan a visit to Tibet, Bhutan, and other surrounding countries.
Translators in French, German, Italian, (among others) will be on hand to help foreign delegates and participants keep updated throughout the event.
Once again, it is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend this momentous event, and we extend a thrilling welcome to you in Nepal.
Please confirm by email your presence as a presenter, with a description of the ceremony you might wish to offer, and also send to us an in-depth article with two to three thousand words article supported by coloured photographs or other images.
As we may have limited space, the participants who like to attend this four days event are requested to send your booking at the earliest to the organizing committee. If you book well in advance the committee also helps you to book your hotel and arrange your further travel itineraries like trekking, rafting, etc. Please feel free to ask any questions.
Nepal and her diversified culture and tradition welcome you.
With warm wishes and Namaste,
The Organizing Team
Nepal Himalayan and World Shamanic Summit, 2020

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