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Experiential Learning Itineraries 

Nepalese Jhankri, Bhola Banstola, who is a hereditary shamanic healer, and an experienced guide and shamanic teacher is offering an opportunity to study his culture’s rich shamanic traditions–in Nepal!

During his remarkable immersive tour, you will be meeting shamans of different ethnic backgrounds (both men and women) in their healing spaces. You will have the opportunities to learn in-depth healing practices in a beautiful, indoor conference hall that was especially created for this purpose, outdoors in the sacred places and temple complex and out in Nature.

Bhola and Mimi collaborate with many old and young, male and female shamans of diverse traditions and cultural backgrounds for more than twenty years. You will be visiting shamans who transmit long lineages of wisdom in their homes for consultations, divinations and healing.

The program is designed in such a way that you will have four to five days full-immersion in indoor experiential classes with healing rituals and ceremonies; visits to sacred places to offer prayers and ceremonies; power places and temples; villages; medieval palaces, squares, participation in local ceremonies and rituals; and much more.

Sacred Pilgrimage of Spiritual Renewal
Nepal-Tibet-Mt Kailash

A lifetime journey has been designed for dedicated participants who are interested in a powerful and challenging pilgrimage to the most sacred places in the Himalayan region, Mount Kailash.

From 04th to August 24th 2019

International Cross-Cultural Group.

Nepal-International Cross-Cultural Shamanism Group

Join Bhola Banstola on this trip into the magic of nepalese shamanism, to the discovery of the healing traditions of the Himalayas.

From August 30th to September 14th  2019

International Group. 

Sacred Shamanic Journey to Nepal

This trip is focused on sharing/teaching multi-ethnic, multi-cultural rich shamanic healing traditions of Nepal-Himalayas.

You will have the opportunities to learn in-depth shamanic healing practices indoor in a beautiful conference hall created for this purpose, outdoors in the sacred places and temple complex and Nature. 

From September 24th to October 08th, 2019

International Group.

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