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Welcome to Nepal!


To visit places and people in far off lands need good guidance and preparation.
If you are 'called' to Nepal to experience her vibrant culture, festivals and centuries-old traditions, you are in the right place.
Welcome to join us in our annual pilgrimages and learning trips from long lineage keepers.




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Here is my mom


Hello everyone,
Here is my mom in a fairly good physically. Mentally and spiritually she is very stable and in a convincing condition.
She is holding the fourth generation baby with her.
She is worried about mine and Mimi's future as vagabonds and travellers: when do you settle? She did ask me a few weeks ago.
Thank you all for your prayers last October when she was sick.
Daddy-Father is still handling 8-10 patients every day at home and in villages.

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Computer lab now!


The students that you have been helping in Far-West Nepal has a computer lab now.
You can see the enthusiasm in the faces of these young kids.
Thank you all for helping and if there is someone you know who can extend a helping hand, we are ready to receive support.
We are not non-for profit and cannot give you back 35% or tax deduction.
If you look for tax refunds, we cannot.
We collect a small amount (don't mind to get big chunks) and support directly.


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