Durga Puja festival



Happy 9 days of Durga Puja festival to all our brothers and sisters. May the blessings of Durga bring peace, harmony, healing and international friendship! We did first day of our group's experiential work today. It was a nurturing day of work, temple visit and healthy dinner.

This morning I saw hundreds of vehicles and motor bikes liked up to fill their tanks in the petrol pumps. Many restaurants in Thamel districts are closed due to lack of cooking gas. Tourists arrival in Nepal is increasing every day bring more work and joy to the operators creating more jobs.

The only sad part of the real game is undeclared embargo without any specific reasons from the south block. The earthquake victims are the hardest hit.

May the blessings of Mother Goddesses and Feminine Power help us all to bring clarity and re-create an amicable environment. Namaste