Mahalaxmi is the consort of Mahavishnu, the protector of the universe in the Vedic-Sanatana Dharma. Mahalaxm being the goddess of abundance and success created the universe. She is one of the most important deities for worship by humans to live a happy, purposeful, successful, spiritual and prosperous life on this earth. Mahalaxmi bestows both material and spiritual wealth, courage and confidence in abundance to her devotees. Chanting of Mahalaxmi mantra with diligence, sincerity and devotion shall confer prosperity, happiness and a safe and profound spiritual life.

Padmapriye Padmini Padmahaste
Padmalaye Padmadalayadakshi
Vishwapriye Vishnu Manonukule
Tvatpada Padmam Mayi Sannidastva
Sarasija Nilaye Saroja Haste
Davaladamamshukha Gandha malya shobe
Bhagavati Hari Vallabhe Manogne
Tribhuvana Bhutikari Praseeda mahyam


-The one who is fond of the lotus flower, the one who is called by the name of the lotus and the one who holds lotus in her hands
-The one who is seated in the lotus, the one who has beautiful eyes like that of a lotus
-The one who is dear to all the worlds, the one who is the fulfiler of what Lord Vishnu seeks in his heart
-Your lotus feet, we take refuge in
-The one who is seated in a lotus flower, the one who holds lotus in her hands
-The one who is resplendent wearing sweet smelling garlands
-Oh the great Mother, the consort of Lord Vishnu, fulfiller of the wishes of our hearts
-You are the one who makes the three worlds prosperous, kindly be pleased with us and receive our prayers!

There are eight forms of Mahalaxmi namely Adilaxmi (the primordial one), Gajalaxmi (the one with elephants serving her), Dhairya Laxmi (the one who gives courage), Santana Laxmi (giver of progeny), Dhana Laxmi (giver of wealth), Dhanya Laxmi (giver of food grains), Vidhya Laxmi (giver of wisdom), Vijaya Laxmi (giver of victory and success). Thus the concept of Laxmi implies that she is the absolute source head for all the wealth and abundance of this universe.
Every tradition world wide have their own gods, goddesses, deities and spirit beings who bestow abundance and prosperity one desires. Why not we all light a candle and offer prayers to all or one of the Eight Laxmis today?
May abundance flow to all and may we all be prosperous and be able to help each other.

Hail Mahalaxmi!