We are with you all



As Italy mourns the victims of recent earthquake we join with them in this difficult time. Though we are too far yet we are with you all in heart and spirit! At this time we would like to extend our love and prayers to the departed, to the ones who could not be saved, to the ones who are recovering. Our gratitude to all the rescue teams and the voulenteers who are are working non-stop.

We would also offer and extend hearty thoughts, tribute and closeness from the part of our Nepali brothers and sisters who were offered generous support by Italian organizations and individuals during last year's calamity. We are with you all.

Bhola & Mariarosa and all Nepali friends!!!

(if you increase volume of this video you can also join us in prayers).

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Bhola Nath Banstola


Un piccolo clip girato durante un incontro di sensibilizzazione alla cultura sciamanica nepalese.
A short clip shot during a meeting dedicated to increasing awareness of shamanism.

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