"Spiritual fulfillment, creativity and abundance".

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Any container filled with liquid not only represents plenty of wealth and abundance, but also of spiritual fulfillment and creative calibre. This long chain of our sisters are carrying water from different sources in these beautiful decorated pitchers to offer to the deities who are in lower world realm retreats from today.

Though the deities and spirits are invoked and requested for support in everyday lives, yet there are times of the year when humans help them in renewal and regenerative processes by offering water and other special drinks like amrita, flowers and fruits. If your have no tradition to offer water to the deities and spirits or your ancestors, you may offer to the thristy people and animals or apply to the plants or anything that you deem needs water at this time of the year. Let abundance and support flow wherever it is needed. Lets focus more on cleansing, purification and healing rituals!

Happy Nepali Saune Sangranti to all! Namaste