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Updates of what we have been doing in Nepal since April 25, 2015:

Garga Shree Agriculture Co-operative has been registered to start a dairy co-operative, organic farming and anything that is connected to agriculture in Nagarkot area of Bhaktapur district. It is a community owned and administered co-operative.

60 plus earthquake affected families children have been given full and partial scholarships.
We extended relief materials and support to 350 families.

Computers, generator and some basic necessities have been provided to a school including the construction of rest rooms.

As the situation in Nepal is not very health in many different ways, we request you all dear friends to keep on extending your support in your own ways. We have on-going drinking water supply project, we are still lacking funds to provide basic necessities of clothing and shelters to thousands of families.

If you can spare and extend your season's gift or New Year gift in supporting displaced and affected families in providing education and basic needs, that would be the greatest gift. Thank you all for your support in the past and we look forward if you can continue sharing this message and raising funds to give continuity to our on-going humanitarian support in Nepal.

Namaste Bhola and Mariarosa Genitrini


We thank Carla (Casa dell'Albero) which has provided us with a bank account where to send donations to Nepal.
We chose this non-profit organization for the seriousness of Carla, for the trust we have for him and for the love that unites us.

We will open a bank account in a bank in Kathmandu  where to send all we received, then we will handle everything personally, without intermediaries and aiming at a real help which we will evaluate.
It's an humanitarian aid that goes beyond any religious belief and cultural. We are aware that it is a drop in the ocean of despair, but the ocean is made up of many drops.

On behalf of Bhola and all the Nepalese who are suffering, we thank you for the love and the confidence that we're showing.
For donations that come from the US we are providing with another organization.


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I sincerely thank all those who made a donation, and advance those who want to proceed in the next few days (despite the blackout from our media, the situation in Nepal continues to be dramatic and the shocks are not over yet).

After the initial investment for the renovation of the school that we support for years near Khatmandu (heavy damage to the wing dedicated to the computer lab, where they had been recently incorporated new computers, unfortunately destroyed by the earthquake), now we are intervening in the village of Bigaun (district of Bhaktapur, 35 km from Khatmandu) to remove and put on new roofs for homes severely damaged.

If you want to make an offer (free, there is no limit of course) or renew the one you've already submitted, you can follow the directions above.