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practical theoretical meetings of introduction to Shamanism

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An exceptional and rare opportunity to receive Transmission and Empowerment into the practices of Mahankal (also popularly known as Mahakala) as practised even today as a living tradition is coming up. Usually, this would be a closed and secret course, taught to a small group in person. Lately, Bhola has been exploring Zoom’s use and has successfully conducted a Mahankal retreat through this medium.

Now, he is offering exclusive teachings through a new short program, accessible to all who can commit to attend and to practise, and the potential to share the mind of Mahankal directly through the medium of the Shaman. Mahankal is one of the most important Nepali Shamanism deities and can be traced back as Sanatana Dharma (eternal practices) to the most ancient scriptures themselves.

In Sanskrit and Nepali, Mahankal means time or darkness or death. This term is also referred to Lord Shiva/Chakrasamhara, the Vedic deity whose Tandava dance sustains and destroys the universe to recreate the new again. From the Nepali shamanic perspective, the Kala-chakra or Wheel of Time is the key to the reality that unites the universe, time and the life-force; including auspicious, neutral and inauspicious times. >> read more


Cultural travels

Our travel proposals cannot be defined simply by the term "tourism". They are an attempt to approach the spirit and culture of the place through a full immersion in the atmosphere of the land that you go to meet.


Theoretical-practical meetings on Nepalese shamanism led by the Nepalese shaman Bhola Banstola and Mariarosa Genitrini. Accompanied by the shamanic drum, the participants embark on the "journey" to meet the guiding spirits, the animals of power, in a non-ordinary reality.

Experiential travel

Extraordinary immersive tours where you will meet shamans of different ethnic backgrounds (men and women) in their healing spaces, you can learn healing practices in a welcoming conference room, or in sacred places and temples, or in the fascinating Nature of Nepal.

Shamanic Experiential Pilgrimages in Asia 2021


Spiritual journey-research in which we will practice and share ancient teachings through history, Buddhist and Sanskrit philosophy, the practice of mala and ancient Himalayan shamanism, to seek a deeper understanding and open the doors to spiritual rebirth.

for English speaking participants.





The world of the shaman


Beyond the choreographic and folkloristic aspect, shamanism is an initiatory path, a message of spiritual progress, a discipline that encourages a direct and personal experience with the world of the gods.

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What they said about us

When you work with Bhola, you can't live a superficial instant at all; if you have the ability to tune in to him, live and experience what he feels, in that moment, in his interior. This is his great ability, that of giving you that part of you that you miss and that truly leads you to find in yourself your rewards which are peace, serenity, love of others, self-respect and sacred character of your life.

Beppe Cassone

We feel privileged: we have Mimì and Bhola, she from Mantua and he from Kathmandu, to lead us in a rapid immersion and assimilation of the salient aspects of this culture so rich in history, spirituality and openness to sharing. Thanks to them, our steps have gained security and our looks that attention necessary to make us give up stereotypes and preconceptions.

Guido Mario Pavesi

What a great chance to be part of it! Thanks precious Bhola! And thanks to the ancestors and all the great people we met!
His teachings are profound, clear, practical. The shamans we met were fantastic and Bhola is ... how to say ... a GREAT man, he gives everything he can, he knows a lot and his heart and mind are wide open.
A delight!!! And Nepal is a fantastic country. Come and join, you won't regret it ...


It was a wonderful and very strong journey.
Thanks to Bhola for your generosity, for sharing and for meeting all these wonderful people ...


This journey will remain strong in my heart for a long time.
Thanks to Bhola for this wonderful experience ...

Derek Gane

Bhola is the biggest incentive I have encountered to lead a shamanic lifestyle. It has left us with a stimulating but visceral and tangible sense of how to foment peace and harmony in our life as a way to create spiritual democracy wherever and however we live. Don't miss the chance to try out his many gifts.

Robinette Kennedy Ph.D. Antropologo clinico

Bhola is authentic, skillful, open, wise, respectful and a profound healer. People return to his retreats and for private healing sessions again and again, due to the many gifts they receive from his teachings. We heard from the group participants that during the year they worked with Bhola they went through a salient period of their spiritual journey. We are honored to be able to assist him in giving his gift to the world.

Victoria Wilson-Jones e Steven M Jones MS, CHt, CCE / MD

Bhola is a shaman of great power and with a big heart. His teaching style includes age-old Nepalese shamanic practices, mixed with traditional stories, healing rituals and travel. His command of English makes learning with him quite simple. His students and patients feel safe, encouraged and honored. In conclusion, Bhola has a genuine gift for treating people with sincere kindness and respect.
Participants leave his meetings full of wisdom and shamanic rituals that they can easily integrate into their lives. His lessons are so popular that we often have to turn people away!
I think you will find it very pleasant to work with him.

Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Bhola is an extraordinary shaman who is carrying on a beautiful tradition which was initiated by his grandfather. Bhola is a true example of a shaman who can walk in a room and radiate everyone present with his presence of light and love. His teaching style is full of love, clarity, truth, wisdom and humor. Everyone I know who studied with Bhola loved his labs. And it is a real gift to receive healing from Bhola. Don't miss the chance to work with Bhola!

Sandra Ingerman Autrice di 8 libri fra cui "Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth"

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