Travelling to Nepal means knowing the soul of Asia, with the contradictions of this country hovering between the culture of the past and the sense of modernity that chasing. The presence of shamans is still very strong and this program offers the possibility of a direct experience of shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice that expands consciousness and transcends the limits of ordinary reality.

Accompanied by the sound of the drum and the songs of shamans, we know a mysterious, magical and at the same time real Nepal, where the sense of the sacred is still very much felt in daily gestures and rituals. We meet shamans of different ethnicities, we witness rituals of shamanic healing and we participate in a theoretical and practical seminar conducted by the anthropologist and shaman Bhola Banstola. We visit the historical-religious places of Kathmandu and the valley, the ancient monuments and streets full of charm, color and scents. We visit the most significant places in Nepal: Bhaktapur, the most original and authentic with a medieval atmosphere leaves an indelible memory, Patan, open-air city-museum with harmonious architecture, Pashupatinath, sacred place of cremations on the Bagmati River, the most important place of worship dedicated to Shiva, Boudanath, with the great white stupa and the community of Tibetans, the sacred hill of Swayambu , the legend tells us, nepalese civilization began.

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31 July Departure from Italy, aircraft change, overnight and meals on board.

August 1 Arrival at Kathmandu airport. Meeting with the escorts and transfer to the hotel Apsara. Lunch free. In the afternoon walk in the tourist district Thamel,a large bazaar full of goods, colors and music. Nepalese dinner welcome and overnight at the Apsara hotel.

2 After breakfast, we reach Kathmandu's religious-historic centre, walking through crowded streets, colorful and fragrant markets. Despite traffic and pollution it attracts tourists, travelers, pilgrims since the 1960s. We visit the pagoda temples of Durbar Square (the square of the Royal Palace), the Temple House of Kumari, living child goddess revered by all Nepalis, we get confused with the lively crowd to savor the atmosphere of this beautiful city, in strong balance between past and present that, however, retains Asian charm with its rich architecture. Lunch free. In the afternoon we visit the Asan district, with local shops and the spice market. Dinner and overnight at the Apsara hotel.

3-4 After breakfast begins the theoretical and practical two-day course on shamanism, an ancient spiritual practice that fuses ancient wisdom with the aspirations of contemporary life to expand consciousness and transcend the limits of ordinary reality, whose practice directs the person on a path of increasing awareness. Through ancient shamanic rituals and shamanic journeys, the participants, accompanied by the sound of the drum, experience in a non-ordinary but parallel reality, to listen to the inner voice and to embark on a personal path of growth. Lunch, dinner and overnight at the Apsara hotel.

5 After breakfast transfer by private bus to Boudanath, center of Tibetan culture, dominated by the great white stupa. one of the largest in the world.  Meeting with the shaman Ama Bonpo, one of the 13 Universal Mothers to whom to ask for divination and spiritual healing. Together with pilgrims and monks we surround the ancient "stupa" under the benevolent eyes of Buddha. Lunch free. Return to Kathmandu. Dinner and overnight at the Apsara hotel.

6 After breakfast we visit Pashupatinath, the holy site par excellence dedicated to Shiva, represented as lingam. A destination for the Hindu faithful, also from India, it is a difficult place to describe, because of the emotions it arouses. We assist, if possible and discreetly, the cremations on the steps of the Bagmati River. We climb the hill to enter the "Deopatan, the garden of the gods" between ancient temples, lingam and votive chapels. Return to Kathmandu. Free lunch and time. Dinner and overnight at the Apsara hotel.

7 After breakfast transfer by private bus to Bhaktapur, "the city of devotees", a Unesco World Heritage Site that has preserved the medieval charm intact. Meeting a healer. Lunch free. Let's start the visit of the religious historical core. We cross ancient squares, the potter's quarter and everywhere we see temples guarded by figures carved in stone. In the narrow alleys and squares, daily activities follow ancient rhythms, and the sound of temple bells is the backdrop to the passage of time.  Free dinner and overnight at the Bhadgaon Guest house or similar.

8 After breakfast we return to the healer and if the weather is favorable, we begin an easy walk between the rice paddies and the hills to reach the temple of Changu Narayan, a sacred place of pilgrimage, with statues of the 7th century. Lunch free. In the afternoon we return to Bhaktapur.Time available. Free dinner and overnight at the Badgaon guest house or similar.

9 After breakfast transfer by private bus to a small village to meet the shamans, to participate in the ceremony and to ask for energy healing. Lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon I return to Bhaktapur. Free dinner and overnight at the Bhadgaon guest house or similar.

10 After breakfast transfer by private bus and visit Patan, the "city of beauty", ancient capital where the mastery of the artists has reached its peak. We walk among the temples, we visit the Golden Temple, the ancient squares, in an unparalleled beauty and architectural harmony. Lunch free. Continue to the hill of Swayambunath from where, legend has it, the Nepalese civilization originated. We walk down the long staircase of monkeys, vendors and prayer flags, to reach the white stupa. Return to Kathmandu and time available. Dinner and overnight at the Apsara boutique hotel.

11 After breakfast we visit Bodanilakanta, where we witness the "awakening" and the preparation of Vishnu, in the form of a beautiful 7th century statue, lying on a water tank representing the cosmic ocean from which the universe originated. The atmosphere is steeped in a strong sense of spirituality that does not leave indifferent, for the simplicity and participation of people. Return to the hotel and individual meetings with the Hira shaman that incorporates the spirit of kali. Lunch free. Dinner and overnight at the Apsara boutique hotel.

12 Course with Bhola, Guru puja and initiation. Lunch free. Afternoon free. Dinner and overnight at the Apsara boutique hotel.

13 After breakfast time available for one-on-one meetings with Bhola. Lunch free. Dinner and overnight at the Apsara boutique hotel.

14 Transfer to the airport and end of the trip.



The fee includes:

  • 13 overnight stays with breakfast
  • 8 dinners and 3 lunches
  • private bus transport for excursions
  • entrances to historical-religious sites
  • Italian escort and Nepalese escort during her stay
  • theoretical-practical course on shamanism conducted by Bhola Banstola
  • Tips

The fee does not include:

  • international flight ticket return
  • medical insurance, baggage and travel cancellation to be requested by the agency at the time of booking
  • consular visa to apply on arrival at Kathmandu airport (euro 40)
  • ritual offerings to shamans (calculate 1000 rupees per shaman, about 9 euros)
  • unmentioned meals, drinks, personal extras
  • transport to and from the airport
  • anything not expressly stated in "The share includes"

Important: Since August tourist season is high, it is advisable for those interested to arrange as soon as possible to purchase the air ticket. For more information write to tel 3203088531

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