To begin this ceremony, participants circle with their sacred objects with the intention of creating a bright space. Everyone sings the songs that animate their healing objects. Subsequently, everyone bows down to honor our ancestors, ancestral deities, spiritual guides, animal protectors, Mother Earth and other protectors or useful spirits in all kingdoms. The entire ceremony is accompanied by songs, dances, percussion and clinks.



Together we are in a group heading north. This is the direction of Mother Earth, which represents the body and all physical reality. As you look north, you feel the stability and immensity of the Earth and the gravity that holds your body firmly. Connect with the pure element of the earth. Let your imagination be clear. Continue to feel the stability of our planet, internalize it, feel it in your flesh, in your bones, in your heart and in your consciousness. Feel and allow it to pervade your experience so that you fonde yourself with it. This energy wrap from Mother Earth helps you feel rooted, stable, confident, confident, balanced and focused. (the Mother Earth element has a feminine character)


Next we face the west, which represents the water element. Water refers to emotions, compassion, relationships, fluidity, acceptance of others and harmony with any event of the past. Water has a lot to do with elimination, purification and cleaning. It is associated with feelings of peace, comfort, and joy. With your imagination, take to the sea or lake or under a waterfall of water and let melt with the spirits of the water. Allow yourself to be purified and regenerated. Fusion with the water element helps in purification, love, psychic awareness, dreams, sleep, peace, marriage, healing and friendship. (The Water element has a female character)


We are now heading south, the direction of fire, action, passion, will, strength, creativity and power. This time imagine the warmth of the strong sun or the warmth of a blazing fire that brings warmth and relaxation to your skin. Let the heat gradually penetrate within you. The heat of the fire increases blood circulation, metabolism, heat in the muscles, the fire of nerves and supports the burning of both physical and spiritual toxins. Fusion with the fire element slowly causes emotional warmth, love, joy, creativity and the realization of happiness, both substantial and intangible. The fire element has the greatest potential to connect with the realm of spirits. This elemental ritual opens the doors to the worlds of ancestors and dissolves spiritual blocks and imbalances. (The Fire element has a masculine character)


Turning around again, we face the East which is the direction of air, thought, communication, ideas, inspiration and enlightenment. This time imagine the feeling of a slight breeze that takes away discomfort, fear and negative thoughts. The air lifts the spirit and mood. At the transference level of consciousness, the air element supports the movement of consciousness from the confusion of ignorance to the clarity of realization. At this time participants can request a healing or ask a meaningful question about their life mission or a personal problem or difficulty. (The Aria element has a masculine character)


Here we find ourselves in the center of the circle and look up, towards the sky. The Sky/Ether direction is about transcendence, sound and communication. The group now performs the power songs of spiritual guides, ancestral deities, power animals, songs of myths of creation, sun, moon, heavenly bodies, and healing songs. With the eyes of our shaman, we see rainbows that connect us to the entire universe. These rainbows bring the energies to open our hearts and give us the power of vision. Life-changing answers can be perceived at this level, or new blessings may be realized. (The Aether has a neutral character: both male and female.)

Now we will all dance by thanking the spirits of the elements, helping the deities and spiritual helpers. We thank our power objects, our drums and rattles and we thank each other for creating this great network of healing spaces. Let us join hands and sing the song of peace and harmony for ourselves, for other beings, and for the entire universe.

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