The World of the Shaman

A world to be listened to not with the mind but with the heart, without tangled speeches without turning them around with pseudo-intellectual arguments, in order to go further in a world, the spiritual one, which requires no evidence to exist, nor mental chatter.

Shamanism, beyond the choreographic and folkloric aspect, is an initiating path, a message of spiritual progress, a discipline that encourages direct and personal experience with the world of the gods.

During the journey, the shaman is in a state of lucid dreaming, aware of what is happening and capable of continuing this condition.

If for the uninitiated the drum is only an object of wood and goatskin, for the shaman it is the representation of the sky and the underworld and the sound is a divine sound, the heartbeat of Mother Earth

The shaman is a cosmic traveler capable in a voluntary altered state of consciousness. With the help of the drum to enter other spheres of existence to subdue the spirits of disease to enter the world of ancestors and gods, to acquire information, revelations and power to help others

Nepalese Bhola Nath Banstola holds a degree in cultural anthropology.

He inherited from his paternal grandfather the shamanic powers that he uses in energy rebalancing techniques to facilitate personal growth *.

He spent long periods among the most important shamans of the Himalayan area, reworking personal techniques.

Bhola and his wife, Mariarosa Genitrini, offer courses in knowledge of shamanism in Kathmandu, Nepal, Italy and other parts of the world, with theoretical lessons and meetings with shamans of different ethnic backgrounds, where participants take part actively in the ceremonies , following the ritual dances and the various stages.

At the end of the course, Bhola will give shamanic initiation, which aims to open a "door" of knowledge, for spiritual communication with positive energies, in order to improve one's psycho-physical balance.

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(*) We would like to clarify that shamanic techniques do not replace pharmaceutical and clinical curative systems, but are an energetic support for personal growth.

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