After the cause of the disease has been determined, the shaman uses any tool or treatment object available at that time and place.

Jhar-Phuk (to purify, energize or blow in healing spirits) is the term used in the Nepalese language for shamanic healing. Nepalese shamanic healing practices are deeply based on a strong understanding of the relationship between body, soul, mind, as well as the patient's relationship with their community and spiritual realm. Good health means not only physical well-being, but also being in harmony with one's own family, society and the invisible forces of the universe.

Singing, dancing, traveling, and conducting rituals, the shaman uses the elements of nature in his healing practices. The three kingdoms and the seven levels of existence are full of negative and positive forces. The shaman must honour the positive forces, pacify and transmute the negative ones. The human body is a reflection of all the elements of creation. The shamanic healer uses these elements and helps spirits dispel the root causes of psychological, spiritual and psychosomatic diseases.

The goal of this experiential seminar is to show how healing happens using the five elements of nature, beating on the drum, singing, preparing healing waters thus completely immersing participants in the spirit world. The healing space is created only in collaboration with the healer, the finder, and the helper spirits.


The group healing session

The work begins with the group preparing the sacred space by playing the drum, singing and calling the spirits helpers. A circle volunteer is selected to show healing procedures.

Healing begins by honoring Mother Earth and spirits by offering grains of rice and singing powerful songs from the earth's spirits. While the shaman sings and dances, he takes the rice beans and uses them to touch and pass over the customer. This is repeated five to nine times. After each passage cereals are offered to the spirits of the earth. This level of healing helps the client to be rooted and become emotionally stable.

Next, a flower is immersed in a container of water and the spirits of the water are invoked. Water is sprayed by the flower onto the customer's body. This helps to purify and awaken his spirit. This healing helps to balance inner emotions and paves the way for acceptance, dissipating the negative aspects of frustration, anxiety and fear.

After the water ceremony, the spirit of the fire is invoked by lighting a candle. At this point, the shaman beats the drum while the candle or oil lamp is passed on the external spiritual body of the client. The intention of this action is to burn dark shadows and impurities. This level of healing helps overcome fear, anger, helplessness, and refines spiritual energy. Further revitalization, invigoration and enhancement are manifested as the client sings, dances and takes the light and warmth of the sacred ceremonial fire.

Next, the air element is invoked using powerful objects such as the purifying broom, yak tail, branches of medicinal plants or any other personal healing object of the shaman. These tools help purify the spiritual body. When the shaman feels that the cleanliness is complete, he blows a sacred mantra on the regions of the head and heart. This generates the feeling of lightness, freedom and cleanliness. Negative feelings of self-indulgence, insensitivity and even some forms of depression can be released.

After using air in healing, the shaman sings the myths of creation to bring a high level of consciousness of the ether or sky, the source of life. In previous healing levels, all the movements of the power objects and the coarse elements of the healings ranged from head to toe, brushing or pushing toward the Mother Earth. Now the movements will be directed upwards. The shaman beats the drum from the ground and raises the objects of power in the same way. At this juncture the songs of longevity, peace, harmony and light are sung. As he sings, the shaman seeks the help of all the spiritual assistance at his disposal. Spirits are invoked from the depths of the worlds below the heavenly realms. The feelings of love and blessings of the shaman are poured out. This causes feelings of inspiration, hope, protection and a connection with the entire universe and a wave of spiritual immunity.

The final step is the preparation of healing waters and all other objects of protective power. The shaman takes a glass of water with his left hand and covers it with his right hand, or adds some salt or sacred ash from the fire. Then shake the water with a healing object such as a crystal or a ceremonial knife. As he stirs, the shaman channels healing energies into the water. Sing healing songs to open up the distressed areas of the customer receiving the water. This is done by transmitting light and love at the same time. Once the water is fully full of healing energies, it is given to the customer to drink.

Protective items such as talismans, amulets or other protective sacred objects can be prepared and given to the customer. These amulets work to help seal healing in the body and help protect the client from future disharmony, spiritual weakness or diminishing life force.

This sequence of shamanic healing rituals creates a transpersonal space in which the sacred realms of the subtle body are open and receptive. Deep in the customer's consciousness, elemental symbols work here to transform body, mind and spirit. The recitation of primordial myths, dance, drum, gestures and direct use of the elements allows the mind to be more receptive to archetypal symbols.

The healing session is followed by a group discussion and ends with the Thanksgiving song and group rhythm.

This event focuses on learning through experience and allows the practitioner or interested people to experience the Nepalese shamanic approach to healing.


What can you expect from this session?

  • learn how to use the elements of nature in daily healing practices
  • achieve harmony and union with nature
  • learning, transformation and purification methods
  • reconnect to the source of life
  • purify and release negative emotions and fear
  • honor everything in creation
  • conduct healing rituals
  • heal the physical body
  • the whole session is in itself a healing


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